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To experience the physical skills foundational to public speaking.


 A series of exercises designed to teach three fundamental concepts: claiming the space (plant), connecting to the audience (tune), and establishing a conversational tone (talk).


1. But you don’t just walk into a conversation and start talking.

You listen first. 

Before you join in, you tune in.


So let’s practice tuning in.

This game (CLAP.)

is called Viking Thunder Clap. 

The interval between each clap 

gets slightly shorter each time. 

We do it together. 

(Cueing them visually.)


(CLAP. Mega-pause. Group CLAP.)

In a moment, I’m going to stop leading.

Your goal


is to clap together, slightly reducing the time 

between claps.

(CLAP. Pause. CLAP. Step back.)

(As the pace accelerates:)

Here comes the thunder!


2. Great. Let’s think about what just happened.

To coordinate our clapping, 

each of us had to widen our attention, 

taking in the entire group at once.

That’s tuning.


Now, instead of clapping together, 

we’ll try breathing together.


(Audible breathing with hand gestures. x2)


Without gestures.

(Repeat without gestures. x2)

Without sound. 

(Repeat in silence. x2)


3. So now we’re going to apply that 

to the moment before we actually speak.


Let’s close our eyes.

In a second we’ll open them,

and each of us

will try tuning in

to the entire group

with a single breath.

So when you’re ready, 

open . . . and tune.


Good. Let’s try that one more time, 

and if you can’t quite feel the connection, just try to 


breathing in the attention of your audience.


Eyes closed . . . 

When you’re ready,

open and tune.


4. Excellent, so now we’ve got Plant and Tune

Let’s put’em together, okay?  

Little step back.

In-breath connects me to my body, 

(In-breath. Step forward.)


Out-breath connects me to the floor. 


(Out-breath. Plant.)

In-breath connects me to the audience.


(In-breath. Tune)


This is what you want to feel 

every time you stand to speak. 

This is the feeling of connection.

Demo This

Demo This

Demo This

Demo This

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