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Tongue Out Intros


To introduce our approach to public speaking, while creating a fun, playful tone.


This name game doubles as an articulation exercise and a tension-breaker.

Tongue-Out Intros

1. Hi, we’re from a group called Oratory Now, 

and we’re here to work with you on ____. 

My name is ____, and in a minute, 

we’ll all share our names.

For now, though, can we all just form a circle?


(Once the circle forms: )


2. Great. We like to start from the idea

that the biggest challenge in public speaking 

is that it’s overwhelming.

So we try to simplify it 

into small, incremental challenges,

like a series of games 

you want to keep playing.

And the more you play, the better you get.

So if you’ve worked with us before, great: 

Here’s a chance to up your game.


3. Let’s start with a little articulation game. Ready? 

Okay, tongues out!

(Speaking with your tongue out: )

This is called Tongue Out Intros, and it goes like this: 

“Hello, my name is [your first name].”

And you all say: “Hi, [your first name].”

(Go around the circle having everyone

introduce themselves to the group, which then says hello to them by name.)


Okay, we can put our tongues away now. 


4. We use that game as an ice-breaker,

a name game,

and for articulation.

But the biggest reason is this:

We think the most overwhelming part 

of public speaking

is that we’re afraid to look silly.

So now we got that out of the way, right?

Demo This


Try to keep it light and fun. This sets the mood for the entire workshop.


If someone doesn’t keep their tongue out, don’t be afraid to have them try again.


This final sentence is kind of a punch line AND a segue to the next part. Can you land it?!

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