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For Coaches Only

Here it is, coaches -- our holy book of oratory wisdom.

Become a coach

Help your peers deliver compelling arguments, present intriguing research projects, tell captivating stories, nail job interviews, enrich class discussions, and enjoy everyday conversation. 

To become certified, coaches complete 7 hours of training each semester.


Earn your PE Credit

Tue/Thu 5:30 - 6:30 PM | Coltrane Lounge

A public speaking class that earns you a PE credit? That’s right!


Get personal attention

A personalized session will be tailored to your schedule, assignment, and abilities. Simply click one of the buttons below and let us know what you need to work on, and when your assignment is due.  We'll get back to you asap to match you up with one or two coaches who can help you improve your presentation.


For Students

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