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For Faculty

Book an in-class workshop

Our coaches can run 50-75 minute interactive sessions. These are often tailored to your specific assignment, and can cover one or more of the following: content, delivery, slide or poster presentations, role-playing, debates, etc.
In each session, our coaches can demonstrate key approaches to building and delivering a quality presentation, and get your students on their feet to hone their skills through fun exercises.
On days your students present, coaches can also observe and provide feedback relevant to the presenter(s) and the class.
Many faculty ask us to augment these workshops with the out-of-class programming below.

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"Oratory Now is one of the best resources at Middlebury. I have witnessed students go from being timid inaudible speakers to confident compelling orators after just a few workshops."

- Prof. Mez Baker-Médard, ENVS

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Use us outside of class

We offer individual or group tutorials, as well as specially-designed workshops. In all situations, we tailor our assistance to the strengths and weaknesses of each speaker.  

"I am extremely grateful for this resource. This semester's presentationswere stronger by far than any I've seen in the past, and the only thing different this year was my work with Oratory Now. So I'm a believer, 100%. "

- Prof. Shawna Shapiro,

Director of Writing and Rhetoric

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