Coach Training

Help your peers deliver

compelling arguments, present intriguing research projects, tell captivating stories, nail job interviews, enrich class discussions, and enjoy everyday conversation. Take pride in watching students speak with power and precision, and know that you're one of the reasons for it.

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 Fall '20 ROC 

Training Schedule 

Returning Coaches only. Due to Covid-19, NEW Coach Training is suspended until Spring '21

Synchronous Meetings

Sat. Sept 12      12:30-1:30pm       Zoom

Sat. Sept 19      12:30-1:30pm       Zoom

Sat. Sept 26      12:30-1:30pm       Zoom


Asynchronous Training     ​

Independent  work is to be completed following each of the above

Get paid for your training time

once you complete it. As a new coach, you will be paid at Level B (skilled) student salary. You'll begin by shadowing and assisting other coaches, as you prepare to lead in- and out-of-class sessions. More experienced coaches are eligible for leadership roles, which may be compensated at a higher rate.

 Spring '20 

Training Schedule 

All Coach Candidates attend 1 session from each Mod.

Head Coaches and Head Coach Candidates also meet from 5-6pm the Friday before each Mod.

Mod I - Review 

Sat.  Feb 22          10am-12pm       Axinn 219

Sun. Feb 23                  3-5 pm        Axinn 219


Mod II - Coaching Intensive

Sat.  Feb 29           10am-1pm         Axinn 219

Sun.  Mar 1                  3-6 pm         Axinn 219



Mod III - Capstone Exercises

Sat.  Mar 7               10am-1pm       Axinn 219

Sun. Mar 8                    3-6 pm        Axinn 219 



Practicum: 1 hr. Actual Coaching

Date and Time, TBD


To become certified, coaches complete 9 hours of training, both as a speaker, and as a coach. You'll culminate your training by helping to lead an actual workshop. Each semester, coaches are required to do at least 6 hours of recertification training.