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Remote Oratory 


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Video Feedback

We provide feedback remotely through a new video annotation platform called Yoodli. Students who submit a video will receive a combination of AI analytics and human coaching. This system has several benefits:

  • Coaching is available 24/7 and without appointment

  • Students can see an objective, audience perspective on their presentation

  • Videos are archived, allowing students to revisit feedback at any time

  • Coach comments are linked to specific moments in the presentation

  • Students receive AI analysis of their delivery and word choice, as well as Generative AI coaching on their overall content 

  • Coaches have extra time and can work in teams to develop their feedback.


YOODLI-SUPPORTED coaching is available directly to students, or to faculty who want coaching for a class. For information, or to register, click below.

Real-time Zoom Coaching

To better fit your schedule, we can modify in-person workshops and individual sessions to work in a Zoom format.

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