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Remote Oratory 


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Real-time Zoom Coaching

We can also modify our in-person workshops and individual sessions to work in a Zoom-format. Just like the pre-COVID days, only not contagious!

Asynchronous Coaching

Thanks to video annotation software (and a timely grant from the DLA!), we’re now able to give feedback remotely. No, it’s not face-to-face, but students who submit a recording and receive back our comments will find several advantages over classroom coaching:​

  • more extensive and detailed feedback, including AI analytics!

  • comments linked to specific moments in the presentation

  • the option to focus separately on physical or vocal expressivity

  • an objective, audience perspective on their presentation

  • the chance to revisit feedback anytime

And because we can now develop our comments in teams, we’re able to refine our feedback and reflect on it over time.


Asynchronous Coaching is available directly to students, or to faculty who want coaching for a class. For information, or to register, just click the appropriate button:

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