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About Us

Oratory Now is a student-driven, faculty-directed center for training and research in oral expression. It provides peer tutoring and professional development services, teaches a credit-bearing PE course, and collaborates with organizations across the institution to produce workshops, podcasts, curricula, and community speaking events.


Founded in 2014, Oratory Now grew out of student, faculty, and alumni requests for a return to the teaching of speech, and has been amplified by concerns about the quality of our civic dialogue. These twin goals, speaking well and speaking civilly, once the centerpiece of liberal education, continue to guide the development of Oratory Now.


The animating force behind Oratory Now is the peer coach – a fellow student who has completed at least 9-hours of training, including a classroom practicum. New coaches are trained by more experienced Head Coaches, who lead them through an oratory boot camp designed to teach listening, speaking and coaching. Returning coaches take a 6-hour recertification course each semester.

In its first year, Oratory Now revived a Middlebury tradition dating back to 1825, the
Parker Merrill Speech Competition. It also began producing NER Out Loud, an annual collaboration with the New England Review, featuring the work of professional writers performed by students. In February 2018, Oratory Now founded a speaking award in honor of the late Professor John Spencer – the Spencer Prize in Oratory for First-Year Students.

Sunday S19 Coaches.jpeg
Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 8.29.28 PM.png

Dana Yeaton,

Oratory Now Faculty Director

Ben Powers,
Oratory Now Associate Director

Oratory Head Coaches


Celeste Levy '22


Ciara Carlson-Healy '22

Madison Middleton.jpeg

Madison Middleton '22.5

Screen Shot 2021-10-18 at 9.44.46 AM.png

Koach Kochar '23


Ellie Thompson '22

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.31.57

Maya Fray-Witzer '22


Kamari Williams '23

Nick Jaccaci 22.png

Nick Jaccaci '22

Sascha Leidecker (Red).jpeg

Sascha Leidecker '24.5


Tanzim Ahmed '22


Vera Rousseff '23


Marlow Saucier '24

Matt Fliegauf Headshot.jpg

Matt Fliegauf '22


Constance Gooding '23

Maggie's Senior Portrait - Digital File.

Maggie Connolly '23


Mary Moore '22.5

Oratory Coaches

DaleelahSelah 23.jpg

Daleelah Saleh '23

Claire Quigley.JPG

Claire Quigley '25

Sade Awodesu.jpeg

Sade Awodesu '25

Amelia Seepersaud.HEIC

Amelia Seepersaud '24

Joshua Velten.jpg

Joshua Velten '25

Firdaus Shallo.jpg

Firdaus Shallo '25

Henry Friendman.jpeg

Henry Friedman '24


Naja Irvin-Conyers '24 

Izzo Lizardi.jpeg

Izzo Lizardi '25


Cleo Baldoumas '24.5


Akbar Ali Aziz Jr. '24


Maggie Allen '24


Seth Brown '24

Oratory Now Background.png

Ava Carbonera '25

MelanieLeider 22.jpg

Melanie Leider '23


Sophia Giliberto '24

Ben Wagner.heic

Ben Wagner '25

Gillian Skidmore.HEIC

Gillian Skidmore '25

Lukka Wolff.jpg

Lukka Wolff '25

Vlera Hasani (1).JPG

Vlera Hasani '24.5

Oratory Now Background.png

Beck Kendig '25

Sam Medina.jpg

Sam Medina '25


Devon Hunt '23

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 2.32.17 PM.png

Casandra Dormeus '25


Catherine Kish '24

Liza Toll.jpg

Liza Toll '24

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 12.04.14 PM.png

Hugh Easton '23

Oratory Now Background.png

Emily Vivanco '23

Oratory Now Background.png
Oratory Now Background.png
Oratory Now Background.png
Oratory Now Background.png

Erin Chouinard '24

Raimatou Abdoulaye '23

Andrew Ashley '24

Jordyn Johnson '23

Oratory Now Background.png

Kaela Burke '25

Oratory Now Background.png

Margeaux Eller '24

Oratory Now Background.png

Max Gibson '25

Oratory Now Background.png

Michael Eller '24

Oratory Now Background.png

Miya Flores '25

Oratory Now Background.png

Sheila Camacho '25

Oratory Now Background.png

Manuel Morillo '23

Oratory Now Background.png

Alec Gong '25

Oratory Now Background.png

Yinuo Wang '25

Oratory Now Background.png

Youness Cheboubi '24

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