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December 9, 2022, 3:00-8:00PM
Axinn Center 

Welcoming First-Year Scholars to the academic community

For Student Presenters

Here We Go!

With Symposium Day approaching, we thought you might be asking yourself:

  • Can I use notes?

  • What are we doing about slides?

  • Should I stand behind the podium?

  • Where can I get help with my content or delivery?

  • Should I invite my friends?

  • Are they really my friends?

The last two are easy: Yes, you should invite your friends, and yes, if they show up, they're your friends. Here are the other answers:

Can I use notes?

That's up to your professor. If they've left it up to you, let's be honest: we're more engaged by a speaker who uses notes sparingly, or not at all. Ultimately, though, you should use the style that helps you feel most comfortable and connected to your audience. To find what works for you, you might practice working your way down this list:

  • Script

  • Note cards

  • Note card

  • No notes!


Bottom line: Don’t wing it! Find what works for you and commit to it.

What are we doing about slides?

Presenters using slides can assume that a tech person will be at the podium, changing slides for you. To prepare, just practice saying “Slide, please.” To submit slides, or other media, click here.

Should I stand behind the podium?

Well, not if you're using slides (the tech person will be there).  Even if you're not, though, speakers tend to feel more connected to the audience when they step out from behind the podium. Maybe give it a try and see how it feels?

Where can I get help with my content?

Peer Tutors at The Writing Center have scheduled a special FYS Writing Night for Monday, December 5, 7-9pm. No need to register -- just come by the CTLR!


Where can I get help with my delivery?

Oratory Now Coaches will offer a pair of Symposium Eve Sessions on December 8 at the Innovation Hub, 132 Blinn Lane: one from 3:30-5:00pm and one from 7:00-8:30pm. They’ll have snacks on hand and you can expect some one-on-one time with a peer coach. To reserve your space (and help us estimate snackage) just use this form. ​Of course you can always use go/speak to request a private O-Now coaching session.

Submitting Media

Click the box below to submit a link to your slide(s), Google Slideshow, or video.

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