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 Interview Prep:  Remote Edition 


Remote Oratory Coaching (ROC)

Working with our friends at CCI, Oratory Now has developed a new, interactive training series designed to help students prepare for those all-important online interviews. And now it can all be done remotely.

In Step 1, you will:

  • Attend a 45-minute Live Zoom Workshop

  • Record a practice interview and submit it 

  • Receive detailed feedback on your delivery and production values

In Step 2, you can request additional private 

coaching – either in a real-time Zoom session, or by submitting a new recording.  And you can do this as many times as you like, right up 

until . . .

Step 3, the Mock Zoom Interview. Using their extensive Midd2Midd network, CCI will pair you with a Middlebury alum who shares an interest in your chosen field. 

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Prepping for an interview? CCI Says . . .

Just as you would practice for a big tennis match or an opening night theater performance, you will want to prepare for this important event. From planning what you will wear, to preparing responses to questions you will be asked - how you present yourself is within your control. Don't try to 'wing it'!

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