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Virtual Instructions

December 9, 2022
Axinn Center


Welcoming remarks from Dean of Curriculum, Grace Spatafora - Winter Garden


Politics and Delusion in Francophone Literature Linsey Sainte-Claire

Migrations: Politics, Ethics, Literature  - Stefano Mula

Anthropology and Climate Change  - Michael Sheridan

Environmental Intimacies -  Mez Baker-Medard

Gut Check: Exploring Microbiomes - Erin Eggleston


Marvel Comics & Society  - Greg Pask

Writing Women's Religious Worlds  - Jenn Ortegren

Karma  -  Elizabeth Morrison

Shakespeare's "Nasty" Sonnets  - Timothy Billings

Arabian Oral Poetry - Sam Liebhaber


a little time for refreshments . . .


Social Issues and Public Policy  (poster session) Jessica Holmes


How Money Makes the World Go Round  - Annie Magri

Town-Gown Lands of Middlebury - Jeff Howarth

Mindfulness in Education - Melissa Hammerle

Teaching ‘The 1619 Project’ - Tara Affolter

Watching the Wire - Jason Mittell

Growth and its Limits - Obie Porteous

Civil War & Civil Rights - Amy Morsman

Abolitionism(s): Then and Now - Ryan Kaveh Sheldon

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