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Virtual Instructions

December 8, 2023
Axinn Center


First Contact: Language in Science Fiction  - Mairead Harris

American Revolutions: Reacting to the Past -  Deb Evans

The Lives of Buddha

Elizabeth Morrison


The Russian Idea

Rebecca Mitchell

Shaping Earth: Past and Future 

William Amidon

Ethics in the MCU

James Calvin Davis

Sexual Dissidence in the Francosphere 

Peter Tarjanyi

Time Around A Table: A Culinary History of Italy

Ilaria Brancoli Busdraghi

a little time for refreshments and  . . .


How Money Makes the World Go Round  (poster session) Annie Magri


Welcoming remarks from Dean of Curriculum, Grace Spatafora

Memory Matters: The Holocaust  

Natakie Eppelsheimer

Science and Democracy: Philosophical Perspectives  -  Heidi Grasswick

The Poet's "I": Poetry and Autobiography - Brett Millier

Documentaries and Social Justice  

James Sanchez


Natural History of Addison County 

Jessica L'Roe

American Environmentalisms After 1960  -  Kathryn Morse

Transforming Traditions

Shelby Kimmel

K-pop & Transcultural Fandom

Louisa Stein

Understanding Johnny Cash

Will Nash

The Politics of Hope

Daniel Suarez

The Information State: from the Library of Alexandria to the Snowden Files

Ron Mordechai Makleff

Singing Communities

Jeff Buettner

Soccer and Societies

Markus Gerke

Civil War & Civil Rights

Amy Morsman

Photography of the Middle East Sarah Rogers

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