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To prompt reflection while continuing to practice speaking in a grounded, connected way.


Each speaker addresses the full group, sharing a takeaway from the workshop.


short takeaway from the workshop.

Plant, Tune, Takeaway

We started this session with one of our favorite performance mantras: “It’s not about me, it’s all about you.”


Now, we’re each going to come up with our own performance mantra.


Think about it this way:

if you were your own coach,

what would you tell yourself

before you stand up to speak?


We’ll do it plant, tune, talk style.


So when you’re ready, step forward, 

plant, tune, 

and for example, I might say:

(Insert takeaway here.)

Power pause…

And step back.


(Either turn to the person next to you and invite them to go, or instruct the group to do it popcorn style.)

Demo This

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