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To practice connecting with one audience member while maintaining a connection to all.


At a critical moment in their speech, speakers hand an object to an audience member, then return to the original speaking spot.


At least a 47 second speech. 

Pass the Dossier

This is called “Pass the Dossier,” and THIS. . .

(Holding up a folder, or large envelope.)

is the top-secret dossier. 


(Continue demonstrating as you give the directions.)


In a moment, one of you will be holding this 

and giving your speech. 

At some point,

just before you deliver a key concept, 

you’ll walk up to someone, 

continuing to speak, 

and -- at the CRITICAL MOMENT -- 

you will pass the dossier to that person.


(Hand the dossier to the audience member you’ve selected. Make a big deal of it!)


Then, deliver the rest of your speech, 

making sure to reconnect with the entire audience.

(If time allows, have the speaker deliver the speech again, without using the dossier. What effect did the exercise have?) 

Demo This

If time allows...

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