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To a) calibrate the impact of the delivery and b) group words to make them memorable.


The speaker leads a call & response with three chances to energize the audience.

A single sentence, usually created by the speaker.

Human Megaphone 

We’re gonna play Human Megaphone. 

Do you know that term? That’s when 

a crowd echoes what a speaker says, 

like at a rally.


In the game version, your job 

is to echo my words 

and match my enthusiasm; my job 

is to pump you up.


To do that, I’ll have to group my words 

into short phrases 

you can actually remember.

So here we go:


Your job                                    (Audience repeats.)

is to echo my words               (Audience repeats.)

and match my enthusiasm;  (Audience repeats.)

my job                                       (Audience repeats.)

is to pump you up.                  (Audience repeats.)


(Repeat the call and response lines above. Then:)


That was two reps; you’ll do three,

so you can really get us fired up.


Okay, who wants to go first?

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