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Emmet Schmehling '24
Ayusha Gautam '24

Group Presentation: Money, Morals & Madmen

Dylan Taylor '24

Liza Toll '24

Money, Morals, Madmen: TBA

Odin Woitek '24

Isaac Dacy '24

Ana Damaris Neaves '24

Lila Olson '24

ZZ Pu '24

Julie Qian '24

SGA PANEL: Mental Health in This Sociopolitical Climate

Liam Smith '24

Jennifer Ouyang '24

Edwin Fan '24

Corrine Lowmanstone '24

Will Procter '24

Money, Morals, Madmen: TBA

Johana Ramirez '24

Ella Du '24

Money, Morals, Madmen: TBA




Ewan Inglis '24

Liban Chibssa '24

Zoe Greenwald '24

SGA Panel: Race in Middlebury, in America, in the World

Derek Ban '24

Otto Moran '24

Andy Atallah '24

Simon Swanson '24

Money, Morals, Madmen: TBA

60-Second Insights: 

Autobiographical Filmmaking


SGA PANEL: Navigating Remote Learning and Ways to Stay Connected Despite the Distance

Dominic Frerichs  '24

Money, Morals, Madmen: TBA
60-Second Insights: Autobiographical Filmmaking

James Groseclose '24

Money, Morals, Madmen: TBA

60-Second Insights: American Revolutions

Genesis Casillas '24

Money, Morals, Madmen: TBA

60-Second Insights: Playing Dead: TV Crime Drama


Rants, Raves, & Music Recommendations to Celebrate First-Yearhood!

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