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     The 60-Second

COVIDEO Challenge



The Challenge


Who: Students in high school or the equivalent anywhere

What: A chance to sharpen your speaking skills – and maybe be one of our $100-winners. 

When: Submit by May 18, 11:59PM EDT. 

Award Presentation – June 1, 9PM EDT.

At Oratory Now, we use games to help our fellow students sharpen their persuasive speaking skills. One of our favorites is the "60-Second Rant and Rave," where a speaker rants about one thing, then gives a rave review of another.


That’s our COVIDEO Challenge prompt. Face the camera, press record, then: Tell us one awful thing and one awesome thing about your life during the pandemic. Topics can be big or small, but you only get 60 seconds.


Submit your video by Monday, May 18, and you’re done! Or . . .

If you’d like some tips from Oratory Now coaches, let us know. We’ll get back to you with personalized feedback, and a chance to re-submit before we announce the winners at our June 1 Award Presentation.


Finally, we'll post the winning videos to our O-Now Instagram account and let the world have a look! How can they not go viral?


The Coaching

You've probably noticed that some people can stand in front of an audience and still be themselves. Somehow they find the words that catch your attention and show you something new. Sometimes they change your mind, and sometimes they can even inspire you to do something new. How do they do that?

Well, they practice, but they also get feedback. And the better the feedback, the better they get.


The Middlebury College students who work in Oratory Now treat coaching like a performing art, or a full-contact sport. We train on our own and together, constantly pushing each other to improve.


Working online, our coaches can give feedback directly into your video. You'll know the exact moment we're talking about. And don't expect the usual do's and don'ts. That's not our style. Instead, we tend to offer a combination of little challenges designed to help you clarify what you're trying to do. Our motto: direction, not correction.

So if you want some online coaching (like what you see above), just let us know when you submit your video. We'll get back to you ASAP.

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The Criteria

We like to say there are 3 things a speaker can never have too much of:

  • Courage

  • Connection

  • Clarity

Those are the qualities our judges will be looking for – what we call "The 3 C's of Speaking." If you've got those, your audience will be hanging on every word. 

Want to be a real influencer?

Here's a chance to up your game.


The Contribution

Now that classes are over for us, we thought we'd volunteer to help with the end of yours. So we asked all of our coaches to contact a favorite teacher from high school, and offer our services for free. (BTW, if you’re reading this, that teacher came through!)

But now it's your turn. By sharing a little of your experience, you'll be helping others deal with theirs. And think of the contribution these videos will make when, years from now, people look back and wonder, "What was it like?"


Feeling a little stir-crazy?

Ready for some interaction with the outside world?

Try this . . .