proscenium layout.png


To practice connecting with an entire audience.


The speaker asks everyone to raise their hand, then put it down when they feel "checked-in" with.


At least 30 seconds.



(Raising your hand.)

Can we all raise our hands? 

Okay, this is a tuning game

called “Check-In,” 

and when you feel I’ve really 

checked in with you, 


your hand goes down, okay?

My job

is to lower as many hands as possible. 


Notice we don’t call this “Eye Contact Game.” 

We call it Check-In. 

We use it to practice, not just 

seeing your audience, 

but connecting with them.

(Ad lib as needed, until all or most hands are down.)

Okay, who wants to try?

Demo This

Ad Lib

We’re gonna add the Mic Drop Challenge. When all the hands are down, see if you can finish with a power ending.