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To practice planting, and using space to communicate intent. Also helps discourage wandering.


A speaker is challenged to maintain connection with the audience while moving to a new location.


A 47-second Speech


Here’s an exercise that uses space and stillness to clarify what’s important. It’s called Trans-Plant.


Think of a sentence in your speech that transitions from one thought to the next. Give us your first thought, and then, as you say your transition sentence,




take 1, 2, 3 steps. Make sure you're planted again before you speak your next thought.

Does someone want to try that?

Demo This

Demo This

Demo This

Here’s another option . . .


(Take 3 steps, maintaining connection without speaking. Plant.)


The silent Trans-Plant. In this version, you use your transition . . .


(Take 3 more steps.)


to create anticipation. Whatever kind of Trans-Planting you do, the goal is to clarify what’s important.