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To discover techniques for grabbing -- and increasing -- the attention of your audience.


A storyteller practices drawing the audience closer and closer.


At least a 47 second speech.


Can we all come up and just 

take a seat on the floor, here?
Great. Okay, this is a game called Campfire, and this . . .

(Placing an object on the floor.)

is the Campfire.


So if I’m the storyteller

my goal, at the end of the game,

is for one of you to gesture like this . . .


inviting me to sit by The Fire . . .

and finish my story.

The big challenge, though,

(Jumping to your feet.)

is that you guys start a-a-a-ll the way over here.

In the Deep Dark Woods.


So join me here.

We're the Strangers

in the Deep Dark Woods.


Okay, when the game starts,

if the storyteller says or does something that draws me in,

I step forward,

(Step forward.)

into The Clearing.

If the storyteller says or does something that draws me in again, I come and sit


by The Fire.

And if the storyteller says or does something that draws me in again, I do this.
(The gesture to sit.)

And they sit.


(Back on your feet, do a quick review.)


So you have three decisions: 

when to step into the clearing, 

when to sit by the fire, 

when to invite the storyteller to sit.


All right, who wants to give it a try?

Demo This



“Audience members, what did the speaker do or say to draw you in?”


You may need to clarify that by "storyteller" you mean speaker.

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