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To boost confidence by expanding the physical presence.


Speakers create an exaggerated power pose, then try to maintain that feeling of openness in their natural stance.



Brave Body

In a moment, we’ll all take three steps forward. 




One. Two, and on “Ta-da,” we’ll strike a superhero pose.


Okay? Here we go.


(1st Rep.)


One, two, Ta-da!


Great. Okay, one more time, even bigger pose.


(2nd Rep.)


One, two, Ta-da!


Okay, last time, bigger than ever, and when you strike your superhero pose, we’ll freeze. Here we go.


(3rd Rep.)


One, two, Ta-da! And freeze . . . What do you see?


(Collect short responses, noting wide stances, open chests,  etc.)


Now take that superhero body for a walk.


(Ad lib comments to encourage boldness, playfulness, i.e., “You just saved the day.” “Superheroes strutting their stuff.”)


Okay, as you walk, see if you can slowly melt back into your own body.

Make sure to keep that power, that openness, that confidence.

. . . 

Okay, let’s circle up and come to a stop.

. . . 

Now look around. 


What you’re seeing

is a circle of brave bodies.

What you’re feeling

is what you want to feel every time you speak. 

This is your brave body.

Demo This

Ad Lib



You might replace the words power, openness, and confidence with responses to “What do you see?”.


To avoid crowding, once you form the circle, ask speakers to take two or three steps back.

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