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As the professional sister company to Oratory Now, Oratory Alliance trains and hires experienced undergraduate coaches to guide business professionals in public speaking.


Remote Oratory Coaching

We thought we were just coming up with a convenient alternative to our in-person services. Little did we know socially distant coaching was about to become the new normal . . .

Now offering:

  - Asynchronous video feedback

  - Real-time Zoom workshops

  - Real-time Zoom solo sessions

Personalized coaching, at a safe distance.

O-Higher Ed

In fall ’20, O-Now formed their first intercollegiate partnership, offering workshops on virtual networking and elevator pitches through Bowdoin’s Office of Career Exploration and Development. This spring, we’re looking forward to training Bowdoin’s first ever cohort of Oratory Now coaches!

Stay tuned for future developments as our partnership evolves.

"This was great! I came away with really specific things I can work on. You did a nice job of creating a productive and comfortable environment where we could all practice both speaking and active listening. I can't believe I didn't know these tricks sooner. SO helpful. Thank you!"

Claire Traum, Bowdoin ‘21

Oratory Now: Business Edition

Interested in bringing our coaches to your office? "O-Biz" offers 60-90 minute interactive sessions, online and in person.

Group Workshops (Online or over Zoom)

Plant, Tune, Talk: The Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Progressing from full-group to individual speaking exercises, this workshop helps participants claim the space, connect with their audience, and speak with ease and authority.


Power Pitching

Without dramatic momentum, even the most promising idea will fail to mobilize your audience. This workshop revisits the fundamentals of speaking, and gets you on your feet, developing and refining your pitch while you receive real-time feedback from your peers.


Slide Decks for Humans

When’s the last time a slide presentation grabbed your attention, held it, and with the final slide, paid it off? This workshop is designed to help turn your next presentation into an unforgettable story.

Custom Workshops

We seriously enjoy the challenge of tailoring a workshop to your needs. Storytelling? Telecommunication? Personal branding? Try us.

Private & Small Group Sessions

Live Coaching

Come in, with or without material, for a 30 minute coaching session.


Zoom Coaching

Sign up for a 30-minute interactive session.


Video Coaching

Can’t find time to meet us? Send us a short clip, audio or video, and we’ll get back to you with ideas for what to try next.


“The other thing that makes this program different is that it’s anything but lecture style. In fact, it’s all play based, and quite fun! The facilitators offer game-style public speaking opportunities both in small groups and in front of an entire group that challenge, inspire, and offer immediate take-a-ways for improvement. But, participants had to be prepared to try anything…even sticking their tongue out!”

– Oratory Now a Huge Success, 

 Aug. 1, 2019

"I was lucky enough to participate in an Oratory Now! session yesterday. I cannot say enough good things about this session.  It was informative, useful, and fun.  It wasn't comfortable and I definitely felt nervous at times, but I learned so much (as one often does when uncomfortable).  I hope we can have this program back on our campus before the end of the year.   If we do, take 1.5 hours from your day and spend it with Oratory Now!"

– Tamara | National Life Group



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